10 Amazing Uses For Baby Powder In Your Garden

10 Amazing Uses For Baby Powder In Your Garden

If you thought that baby powder is just good for keeping your baby fresh, free from germs and happy, think again. As it turns out, there are a lot of amazing and unlikely things that you can use it for. Let’s have a look at some of these things.

Keep Your Hands Clean10 Amazing Uses For Baby Powder In Your Garden

As said before, a little bit of baby powder on the palms keeps it dry and soft. Baby powder, like any other talcum powder, will also ensure that your hands remain free from germs and pests when working in the garden. Rub your hands generously with powder and then set off to your gardening work. You may be tired but you will never ever be ill from allergies or diseases.

Stop Those Roots From Rotting

After a while, some plants may tend to wilt away since their roots start rotting. If you wish to delay this, baby powder is at your disposal. It helps effectively to soak the excessive moisture from the soil and make the ground dryer for plants to grow into trees. Use it particularly when planting new saplings as this can serve as a buffer against the threats of excess water in soil.

Drive Away The Ants

Like beetles, ants too get repulsed at baby powder. In some ways, ants, with their size and relentless invasive forays, can be more of a menace than hungry beetles. To prevent them for invading your entire garden in a matter of an hour or so, use the same formula of baby powder on the plants. They will run away sooner rather than late, rushing to the nearest anthill for comfortable shelter against the danger.

Make Your Boots Smell Good

Be it for gardening or any other work, boots are always going to stink. Since you will be working in the wet mud and will be sweating profusely, your boots can stink with the cumulative stench of body wastes and damp water. To avoid all that, slather some baby powder into the insides of your boots. Not only will it remain dry and clean but it will also smell nice.

Protect Your Garden From The Wild

To keep your garden or lawn free and safe from creatures or animals who will crawl from the woods, baby powder is equally effective in keeping them repelled. You can make a border of baby powder on the perimeter of your lawn or garden with this substance. Moreover, if you sprinkle baby powder when a wind is blowing, you will be able to create a smokescreen of powder which will repel all animals from attacking your lawn.

Keep Beetles At Bay

Baby powder will keep babies smiling but it will drive away the beetles that will come to nibble at your garden. And this applies especially to those devilish Japanese bugs who are always ravenous with hunger. If you wish to protect your plants and flowers from being munched away, use baby powder. Sprinkle some of it on the leaves and you will only see those infernal beetles scurrying away in repulsion.

No More Sweat

Working for long and arduous hours on your garden can be fun but also exhausting. And then, you may find your palms full of sweat and mud and your gloves stuck to them. To keep your hands free from perspiration, apply some baby powder on your palms. It also makes them soft and supple in spite of the wear and tear.

Cheat The Chipmunks

Among all the rodents, chipmunks look the sweetest but are actually the nastiest. They can go around wrecking damage and ruin over your carefully maintained garden without any reserve. As with every other menace that walks on multiple feet, baby powder will annoy these rodents so much that they will not return to do any nuisance for you.

Chase Away The Aphids

The entry of ants in your garden also paves the way forward for the greedy aphids who feed on the produce and sap of plants. By this, they end up depriving your garden of all its fresh greenery and blossoming health. To chase away them from your gardens and lawns, you can use baby powder in the gardens to protect all your plants and shrubs from being damaged or destroyed.

Drive Away Lawn Insects

Lawn insects are little grubs that can eat up a lot of grass and end up destroying your finely cultivated lawn in one go. If you have to prevent this from happening, baby powder will come to the rescue. Sprinkle it liberally on the fresh green grass and in this way, it will be forever free from germs, pests and these bugs in the long-run future.

These are some innovative ways in which you can use baby powder for your gardens, lawns and farms.

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