How To Grow The Best Cucumbers Ever

How To Grow the Best Cucumbers Ever

You can make your backyard garden look more fascinating by growing cucumbers among other ornamental crops.  In fact, growing cucumbers in your garden should not be a daunting task that should leave you drained both physically and financially.

These crops are among those that you will find easy to grow and maintain at the same time. If you are a beginner in gardening, growing cucumbers is a great way to give your garden a new look.  However, if you are not sure of where to kick-start, here is your comprehensive guide on how to grow cucumber varieties that you can give a try in your garden.

How To Grow the Best Cucumbers Ever

1. Choose the Best Soil

The soil that you choose to grow your cucumber will determine its growth and development. Therefore, the soil should be rich in essential minerals but not heavy.

To achieve this goal, you must prepare the media (soil) one month before planting.

Mix the soil thoroughly with organic manure from the compost pit before loosening it with a digging fork to enhance aeration.

If you cannot access compost manure, you can reach out to store bought worm castings so that you may incorporate it with the soil to improve its nutrient content and structure.

Additionally, you can have the soil tested to determine if it is suitable for cucumber growth.

Testing will enable you to get the right information regarding the right ways of improving the variety of the cucumber you want to grow in your garden.

In this case, you must know that cucumbers thrive in soils with a pH ranging from 5.5 to 7 to check on fungal diseases and growth of some beneficial microorganisms.

2. Grow Resistant Varieties

Most of the cucumbers are susceptible to various diseases and pests. Therefore, you will be one step to success by settling for the best varieties in terms of resistance to diseases and pests.

The following cucumber varieties are known to be ideal in resisting bacterial wilt that is commonly spread by the beetles:

– Marketmore 76 variety

– Marketmore 80 variety

– Salad Bush

– Regal variety

3. Choose the Right Place to Grow your Cucumber

According to How to Grow More Vegetables, cucumbers need specific conditions for their growth. They thrive well in the heat, moisture, good soil that is well drained and the shade.

In that case, you are hereby advised to grow your cucumber on the eastern sides of your garden to maximize the use of the morning sun.

This is important because the morning sun will help in controlling mildew on the leaves by drying the dew that forms during the night.

On the other hand, you can help them get an evening shade by planting something taller on the west sides of the cucumber garden.

When it comes to the conditions of the soil, cucumbers do well in soils with consistent moisture content but not in those that are soggy. For better results, you can try to grow them in raised beds if the drainage is a problem.

4. Plant Correctly

Despite the fact that cucumbers can be sowed indoors before transplanting, you can as well enhance their ability to resist diseases by planting the seeds directly into the soil.

But first, you need to check the temperature of the soil which in this case, it should not exceed 60 degrees.

5. Proper Spacing

Spacing is also a factor to consider when planting cucumbers. This is helpful not only in the distribution of nutrients but also in controlling the spread of diseases.

When spacing and the direct sow is applied, the cucumber will withstand pests and diseases at the same time.

Alternatively, the timing is very crucial so as to minimize chances of growth failure during the growing season.

6. Grow your Cucumbers Vertically

Growing cucumbers vertically is encouraged because the plant is a natural climber. On top of that, you can grow them on trellis netting to enhance air circulation and sunshine. The trellis will also enable you to harvest them with ease.

On the contrary, growing vertically can prove to be a problem due to the fact that the plant will dry out quickly but you can avoid that by mulching, interplanting and irrigation.

Well, your garden will look wonderful with the growth of cucumbers if you follow these tips.

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